My Mission is to help people feel confident about themselves and be connected to our culture.

I want to help with cultural revitalization through teaching. We have the ancestral connections through our hands and our ways of being and doing. This is our wellness.

Brenda Lee Asp, was born in the Yukon. She was raised in both Yukon and Northern British Columbia. A member of the Crow Clan, her diverse ancestral background consists of Northern Tutchone First Nation from the Snag area of the Yukon and Tahltan from Northern B.C. Brenda’s extended family lineage consists of Atna, Upper Tanana and Tlingit cultures as well as European ancestry is Swedish and German.

Brenda Lee Asp captures her family values, with foundational traditional cultural teachings to bring life to her pieces.  Made from unique, organic fabrics that feel good on the skin. She designs and creates with pride and appreciation for her teachings; honoring her wellness and healing from trauma and spirituality; in doing so, she believes this pride and appreciation transfers to every final owner. Creating is her medicine and helps her to maintain wellness within. This is what she wants to share with the world.

"Growing up we spent time creating with our hands, sewing with machines,and time on the land in the Yukon picking berries, wild mushrooms and cooking by the campfire while enjoying a cup of campfire tea; enjoying the land whenever we could. I also recall harvesting salmon in the Stikine River with her family at Tahltan. Harvesting and using materials from the land and earth elements creates the backdrop for my artwork, prints, jewelry, and designs."

-Brenda Lee Asp