Beaded Silk Tie

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100% Silk material

Available and both Adult and Youth Sizes

This beaded print honors the traditional teachings of my grandmothers and our ancestors

The artwork is a hand beaded piece by Brenda Lee Asp

Materials used to create the original piece is a 8X8 square of home tanned hide with  porcupine quills, akoya shell buttons and glass beads.

This was part of a project called “Carrying Traditions Forward” that featured 16 master beaders.  Each beading a square, then all 16 squares sewn together to form a blanket; which is now owned and housed at the Museum of Natural History in Ottawa, Canada. This style of beading is an Indigenous Cultural form of art that is passed down through generations. I learned to bead from by Maternal Grandmothers and Aunts. I am grateful for their teachings and their wisdom.