Dentalium Shell Dangles

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These are my mixture of use with Dentalium Shells.. traditionally, my family used dentaliums in regalia and dolls 


Wikipedia:   These tusk shells are a kind of seashells, specifically the shells of scaphopod mollusks. Dentalium shells were used by InuitFirst Nations, and Native Americans as an international trade item. This usage is found along the western coast of Canada and along the Pacific Ocean coast of the northwest United States[2] extending southward to Southern California. Traditionally, the shells of Antalis pretiosa (previously known as Dentalium pretiosum, the precious dentalium (a species which occurs from Alaska to Baja California) were harvested from deep waters around the Pacific Northwest coast of North America, especially off the coast of Vancouver Island.[3] Today most dentalium shells in the shell trade are smaller, more brittle, and are harvested from coasts off Asia — i.e. they are shells of Indo-Pacific species of scaphopods.